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compact washer-dryer set, Whirlpool

Ad #343363

$1,195 00
compact washer-dryer set, Whirlpool
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Électroménagers Gatineau
358 St-André
Gatineau, Qc, Quebec  J8P 4E7
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Model: WFC7500VW-YWED7500VW Change your outdated washer-dryer set for this new one, from Whirlpool. Doing the laundry will not be a drudgery anymore with this compact set. The washer has a capacity of 2 cubic foot while the dryer has a capacity of 4 cubic foot. These two appliances have a stainless steel tub and a great selection of cycles and options. Dimensions : 23'' W x 33'' H x 24'' D ♦ Électroménagers Gatineau ♦ 358 Saint-André St, Gatineau, Québec, J8P 4E7 Tel: 819-893-0699

compact washer-dryer set, Whirlpool for sale - Outaouais