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General Information

Cavendre.com is a classified ads website. At no time does Cavendre.com get involved in a transaction between two users. Under no circumstances does Cavendre.com act as a trusted third party. Cavendre.com does not offer any guarantee on transactions between users.



How much does it cost to place an ad on Cavendre.com?

Please check the page on our different packages to see prices for each category.


How do I place my ad?

Nothing simpler than to place your ad! It only takes moments. Click on “Place Your Ad” and fill in the form, making sure to provide all requested information.

Pay attention to your ad title and description in order to speed up your sale. We strongly suggest that you include photographs to your ad. Ads with photos are seen five times as much as ads without.

Once your ad is complete, you may have to wait up to 24 hours before it gets on line, depending on the time it takes one of our team members to validate it.


How long will my ad stay on line?

Your ad will be on line as long as it needs to sell your goods. Your ad will be on line for 90 days, during which period of time you could even make changes. After that period, your ad will automatically be deactivated. However, you can renew your ad for free if you wish. We will send you an email to reactivate your ad.

Am I allowed to use a HTML code in my ad?

No, it’s not possible to include a HTML code. Our team would automatically erase it.


What language should I use for my ad?

Since 80% of our users are francophone, we suggest that your write your ad in French.

Should I include my email address in the ad description?

In order to avoid spam (unwanted emails and advertising), we never show your email address on our site and we recommend that it doesn’t appear in your ad. Users will use the contact form provided to contact you, and your email will not be visible.

How do I attach photographs to my ad?

Click on the “Browse” button at the very last step of the “Placing Your Ad” form. Photos must be in GIF or JPEG formats.

When I click on “Previous” in my browser to change my ad, the form is empty. Why is that?

It happens sometimes with some browsers. Try to click again on “Previous”, and then on “Next”, and your text should be there once more.

Should I provide my name and telephone number if I don’t want them to appear in my ad?

No, you have the option of adding your telephone number and your name in the ad, if you wish. However, we ask for this information in case we need to contact you, for example, if you lose your password or if your email address doesn’t work.


How do I pay you?

By credit card managed by our secured payment system. We use PSI Gate (Payment Services Interactive Gateway) which has been securing identities, Internet sites and transactions around the world for many years. Under no circumstances does Cavendre.com learn about or keep its clients’ credit card numbers on its servers.




How do I find my ad, once it’s been published on line?

Go to the page “My Account” and access your account from there.


How do I make changes to my ad?

Access your account. In the middle of the page, you will see your ad. To change it, click on “Option” and then click on “Change My Ad”.


How do I take my ad off line?

Access your account. In the middle of the page, you will see your ad. To change it, click on “Option” and then click on “Show as Sold”.


How do I get my ad to be featured?

Access your account. In the middle of the page, you will see your ad. To change it, click on “Option” and then click on “Featured Ad.


How do I get my ad back on top of the list?

Access your account. In the middle of the page, you will see your ad. To change it, click on “Option” and then click on “Top of the List”.


How do I add an ‘Eye Catcher’ (orange banner) to my ad? Access your account. In the middle of the page, you will see your ad. To change it, click on “Option” and then click on “Add an Eye Catcher”.


How do I find my ad, once it is published on the website? To find your ad, just go back to the validation email and click on the link provided. Another way is going to the website and accessing your account. You can also type the title of your ad in the search box.


How can I use the free “Poster” software to create a paper ad to be posted locally?

To create your paper ad, just go to your account and click on “Option +” below the ad and print it. Once printed, you only need to cut between the numerous telephone numbers on the sheet. You can then post it on the local advertising boards supplied by large retail stores, bars, drugstores, universities, etc. Your ad will be seen and read by passers-by and any interested person will just have to tear off the telephone number instead of having to write it down.



How does a sale happen between the seller and the buyer? Cavendre.com recommends that the transaction take place in person between the parties, as much as possible. Be sure to get contact information from the seller, such as name, address and telephone number, in case of a problem. Get a land line telephone number, as much as possible.


Be mindful about the goods or services and the seller or service provider.

Get some information on the person you are dealing with. Have that person provide you their name, address and telephone number through another channel. Ask questions and be on your guard when offered an unusually low price. When in doubt, contact us.


Be watchful of suspicious emails.

Be extremely careful when sending personal information to a person or business unknown to you. In the same manner, beware if you receive suspicious emails, written in poor language, requesting personal or bank account information, or asking an advance. Never answer them as they are probably fraudulent.

Many email addresses are anonymous (such as with Hotmail). Ask for an email address with an Internet provider. Don’t click on the links in email requesting personal information. Be extremely careful when sending personal information to people or businesses unknown to you (including links to websites claiming to be owned and operated by a business you know.)


Be mindful of distance-sellers and buyers

If you don’t know the seller, NEVER PAY through Western Union or MoneyGram, not even for an advance, as you will have no recourse.

Some payment methods take a bit of time to show up on your account. Check that the payment has been received and your account credited BEFORE sending out your goods. Remember that some payments may be rejected, even after they were received and deposited to your account (such as cheques).

Cavendre.com does not stand surety on any transaction between a seller and a buyer.

Always refuse to make a payment that would be requested in our name.



If the goods are not delivered by the seller, be sure to draw a good transport agreement, and if applicable, include the insurance charge! Consult Canada Post website for further information on that topic.


Additional Information

If you suspect that a seller is fraudulent, contact us. If by an unfortunate circumstance, you have fallen victim of financial fraud or identity theft, go to the police station nearest your home to file a complaint.


Liability of Cavendre.com toward the seller and the buyer

As classified ads website, Cavendre.com never gets involved in any transaction between two users and under no circumstances does Cavendre.com act as a trusted third party. Cavendre.com cannot be made liable for ads posted on its website, and even less for transactions taking place between seller and buyer… Be careful! Please contact us with any other questions.