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Terms and conditions - FREE Ad


This package is to sell various items.


You can advertise several items, but you must register exact items.

Example of accepted ad: $240 for these items.

Example of refused ad:  Some items for sale, without letting know the exact items being sold.


Vehicles and properties are not accepted in this package!

For commercial advertisement, contact us at 819 617-4447 for more details about our packages.


* For Garage Sales, the date of the sale is necessary in the description

** For animal, birth date is necessary in the description.

Terms and conditions - Jobs

Rules and Conditions - Jobs 
This package is to advertise a job or a job search.

Terms and conditions - Garage sale

This package is for garage sales only

No commercial advertising or repetitive ad will be accepted in this section. An exact sale date must be written. A sale cannot exceed 3 days!

Credit card payment (Secured site) or cheque.

You place your ad on Internet and pay for it by credit card through our secure site
And your ad will be on line in less than 24 work hours!